Growing up, I’ve had many aspirations to be many things. From soccer player, to successful businessman, to photographer, to husband and father – all of which center around one major thing: the little things. Scoring goals is great – but seeing the openings in the field is essential. Closing a deal brings promotions – but good integrity ensures opportunities. Exposure and focal point can make or break a great photo – just as quality time and simple teachable moments can make family life a joy to experience.

Major things become major things because of the little things: the details. My love for photography began with the overall process but has been sustained by the little things. From the age of film where exposure and development time created a memory, to the digital age where lighting and pin-point focus create masterpieces – it’s all in the details.

And that is what I am all about: the details. Whether sitting with a family, or a local band, shooting a wedding or landscape shots the little things make the biggest impressions. My aim is for you to love your pictures as much as I love photography.

Take a look through the memories that have already been created through the details. As you look around you’ll see life lived wide open and as your photographer – I was the same for you. Thank you for coming – let’s major on the little things together soon.

Michael Alan Young