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 Just Another Photo Blog......Or Is It?

I have a kid on the way. I better grab a camera?

I know, I know.  You just found out you have a kid on the way and about a million things are racing through your mind.  "You don't know what you are doing.  How much does it cost to raise a child?  Are the schools in our area going to provide the knowledge necessary for our child to get the education he/she deserves?"  It's "ok."  Everything is going to be fine.  All you have to do is go out and buy a camera.  "Wait, what?  How is that even important right now?  With everything that I have to do, that doesn't even make the list."  Well, it should.  

The fact is, from this point forward, time is going to speed up faster than you can ever remember it moving.  In fact, weeks are going to feel like days and years are going to pass by you like a flash of light.  It could be for many reasons.  Maybe because you are going to learn all about sleep deprivation.  But not still have time before that sets in.  The reason I am asking you to go out and grab a camera is actually quite simple and logical.  With time moving faster than ever, you are going to want to stop time whenever you can during these precious moments so you can look back and remember how special they really were.  I suppose in some ways I am asking you to go out and buy a time machine that prints images in two dimensions.   Whatever it takes to get you there, just get there.  Go out and buy a camera capable of capturing the images you will admire when you look back at your life.  

The journey is ahead, and you need to be prepared.  While you are buying a camera, you are investing in memories.  Life is beautiful, and if you choose to take advantage of its beauty, photography might just be your hobby.  Let me help guide you on your way.