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The in between moments

You are capable of taking photographs today that a professional photographer cannot?  Yes, you heard me correctly.  No, not because you were born with this god given ability to take pictures filled with technical brilliance.  This is less a matter or ability and more a matter of timing.  The fact is, now that you have your own camera, you have the power to freeze some of the most incredible moments of your life.  Many homes have albums outlining the landmark moments in their children's lives.  These photographs may consist of school portraits from each grade along the way or each sports team they have played on.  But what about the in between moments that happen along the way?  When I look back at the past few years, these types of photos are some of my absolute favorites.  I think the mere fact that they were taken as these funny little moments in life presented themselves, made them even more special.  And the truth of the matter is, you won't even see them coming.  That's how life works.  We cannot predict these moments, but how amazing would it be if we were prepared to capture them?  But if you cannot see them coming, how can you possibly prepare for them?  It's actually easier than you might imagine.  Keep your camera near, and ready to go.  That means you need to take your camera out of its bag and place it in a safe but accessible area.  It must be available and ready to shoot at a moments notice.  If you are leaving the house, take it with you.  It needs to become an extension of your body and your life.  While classic portraits are beautiful (and they certainly are), there is something incredibly magical about these small candid moments that take place in our everyday lives.  Children have a knack for making ordinary days extraordinary by just being alive. These small moments are much bigger than you can ever imagine.  Be ready to capture them before they pass you by.