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Unfiltered Emotion

All emotion is involuntary when genuine
— Mark Twain

Imagine a world where you were free to express your unfiltered emotions.  Oh, to be that young again.  This is the beautiful world that your children are currently living in.  They haven't been subjected to the adult world of suppressing their emotions for the greater good of society.  Do you sense the sarcasm?  If not, I's not like you can read the emotion on my face.    

Last week, I discussed the importance of finding quality light.  Specifically, using a window to create soft beautiful light. What we are going to discuss this week isn't soft and at times it isn't beautiful.....or is it? When I first started taking pictures, I wanted the images to be happy and fun and aesthetically pleasing.  Nice light, smiling faces and good composition.  But then I started to notice something was missing.  My images were becoming boring one similar image at a time.  Not because the backdrops weren't changing.  They certainly were.  Not because my composition wasn't changing, because it was.  The one single element that was holding me back from taking images that told the whole story, was emotional diversity.  I was capturing the same emotion, over and over again: Happiness.  But what could possibly be wrong with capturing happiness, and happiness alone?  It's actually quite simple; it's not authentic.  

If only one emotion is being captured, you are missing out on a whole world of beautiful images.  These moments are equally as amazing as capturing a smiling face.  In some cases, these images will become some of your favorites.  When I think about my children, I want images that match their personalities.  I want to remember all of it.  The moments they were happy, sad, puzzled, frustrated and even angry.  Emotions are natural and beautiful.  Don't be afraid to capture these moments in time, just as you would a moment of laughter or happiness.  You won't regret it......even if you think you will in the moment.