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Chasing the Light

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: Only love can do that.
— Martin Luther King Jr.

The Art of Photography has been described through the years by many as "Painting with Light."  So maybe that's why it's so natural for me to want to chase the light in life.  A great photographer can balance the light and the shadows to create an image the can bring balance and beauty.  The shadows are only present to accentuate the light and the texture and shape of the image.  As a portrait photographer, it allows me to sculpt an image that represents the beauty of my subject.

Could you imagine trying to do the same with only darkness?  Could you even imagine trying to portray a person or a scene with only shadows?  How do you think the image would turn out?  Then why has it become en vogue to apply that logic to every other area of our lives.

No matter where you turn today, somebody is outraged and angry.  I would like to ask those people, "but what are you thankful for?"  It has become fashionable to be angry and have a cause.    All that I ask is that you choose wisely in your cause in hopes of bringing light back to this world.  The world is chaotic enough without people living in constant darkness.

Could you imagine living in a home where the only items you talked about at the dinner table were your shortcomings?  The only discussions you had were centered around failure?  Instead of hugs, you received looks of disgust and anger?  How would that make you feel?  Do you think that would be the type of environment that would raise happy, healthy children who would become well adjusted adults one day?  We know that this type of environment is unhealthy....and it needs to stop.  Now.

The majority of people you meet are good people.  They want to do right.  They will help others.  It doesn't matter their race, profession, religion, sexual orientation or if they chose Coke over Pepsi or vice versa.  Although......Coke is way better, right?  The fact is, we cannot let the narrative you read in the media or watch on the news sway you from what you know deep down in your heart.  Not ALL people are good, but MOST of them truly are.  Live not in fear or in judgmental ignorance based off a false narrative.  We are all better than that.

I do understand that there are times we must jump into the shadows, with purpose, but we must also know when to get out and move back towards the light.  The saddest reality is the fact that there is more energy being spent on the things that make us angry than the things and the people that make us happy.  The programs that make us better.  It's no secret that the communities that work together, grow and prosper together.  When are people going to wake up and realize that doing right is more important than being right.  Put down your egos and do whats right for your community.

Maybe photography has changed me for good.  Maybe it's because I love it so much.  The lessons I have been able to apply in my life from my photographic journey are too long to list.  But I want to share the most important one with you now.  

Always chase the light.  No matter how tempting the shadows can be, the light should always be your guide.