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Life - Balance of Equity

Life is more than the size of your bank account or the size of your home.  It's true.  Somewhere outside the trap of modern consumerism is a great big beautiful world out there larger than your brand new OLED TV.  And believe it or not, it has higher dynamic range.

As you go to work to earn a living to pay your bills, ask yourself this.  How truly happy are you?  Is your happiness sustainable?  Does it stay with you as you walk down the street like a ray of sunshine everywhere you go long past the possessions you have accumulated through the years? It is all too common today, to find people who value their lives based on their possessions and wealth alone.  A monetary value that at the end of the day, doesn't truly bring any direct emotions.  When you hold a dollar, do you feel better?  What about a hundred dollar bill?  Does it give you sense of pride or happiness?  No.  What you can do with it may, but the bill alone is only a piece of paper that sits quietly in your hand waiting to be traded for something else.  But it comes at a cost too.  Your time.

Now ask yourself this?  When is the last time you spent the same amount of energy on paying a different bank in your life?  Maybe your creative bank.  Or your spiritual bank.  What about your relationship bank?  You see, in todays fast moving world, it's so easy to get caught up in the consumerism mindset, that we are selling our real lives for "things" that give us very little.  

I am far from saying that we don't need money to survive.  It's a necessary requirement in our lives.  You need a home, food and clothing.  Running water and heat.  But beyond that, how much time and effort do we put into filling our other banks.

If we focused our energy on the more enlightening and rewarding portions of our life, would be be happier?  I think so.  Your time is shorter than you think and more valuable than you know.  If you had a single day left in your life, would you go to work to earn enough money to buy a new ottoman, or would you go spend it with the people you love?  Would you spend it shopping for your thirteenth linen set, or hiking in the mountains?


If we don't learn to pay all our banks, then we can quickly lose track of the value of our lives.  In my personal life, I have broken my life down to the following banks: Relationships (family and friends), Creative (Photography), Spiritual, Educational (Teaching and Learning), Health (Both mental and physical) and Career.  The order may vary, but at the end of the day each and every one of these banks is important.  Without balance across these banks, I can feel the tension and lack of purpose creeping back into my life.

My hope is that each and every one of us finds balance in our lives.  That we all find areas outside our daily responsibilities that give us a sense of purpose far beyond our monetary worth.  Think about whats truly important to you and write it down.  Maybe adding a little consciousness to the table will bring you better clarity on where you are in your life.  The real life, that doesn't care about a new ottoman.